New Update lewa os galaxy GTi5510 aka callisto aka gazzy

this is new july update lewa os

tag: GTi551, GT5510, GT551

– still bring cm7.2.0 willing snapshot release bugs
– autorotate not work
– player unstable
– missing usb tether

– bluetooth
– wifi

– wifi tethering

– dialer fixed(means not crash anymore)
– call conversation successfully until 16 minute (tested)
– sdcard manager work unstable
– multiple toggle
– add boot sound [by me \(0-0)9 ]
– support theming except some lockscreen

– default lockscreen looklike samsung galaxy s II [ported from MIUI lockscreen]

– power manager/power saver.
– sms and call block
– enable/disable google service switcher ( myfavorite)
– network firewall
– data usage manager
– shortcut to release free memory

– wipe data
– wipe cache
– wipe dalvik cache
– just like cm7 installation way

this is need several minute for first boot. wait with drink some coffee, not insectisida


-willing magic (base ROM)

-blindndump (tuthor)

-lewaos team

squadzone (some file)




– also available joy os for GTi5510 here

– to fix autorotate, just delete file  with path /system/lib/hw/  (thx for info to Mift & Ade er)


12 comments on “New Update lewa os galaxy GTi5510 aka callisto aka gazzy

  1. Download link for lewa os nt working plz uploade lewa os to meadiafire if possible…ty
    Im Waiting for links …

  2. no WIFI 😦
    Wifi is still playing hide ‘n seek. Cannot get it on any cm7 flavors I used so far
    cm7.2 cyanMobile eXperience
    LewaOS from here
    going to try joyos-alpha

    Thanks for the work anyway
    GT-I5510 (originally ran 2.2 DDJK4->Arkas->Portugese->cm7 flavors in trial)

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