re-face ui stock gingerbread portugal for GTi5510



-semi ics

-holo progressbar

-new layout of statusbar notificatios

-add carrier label/provider name to status bar

-rearrange statusbar icon

-toast like homescreen tips (new)

-mix transition animation (going laggy) – dll


recomended to close with your computer cause sometime we cannot undo.

solution if cannot undo:

* reflash ROM without wipe data

* reflash ROM with wipe data 😦

how to do:

1. go to recovery

2. flash

3. reboot

4. you’ll got error. (relax)

5. remove battery

6. go to recovery mode (again)

7. flash

8. reboot

9. should be normal

10. repeat step 1 – 3



1. do
2. undo


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